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Working Question? (Affiliate & seller)?

Question by sunnydays: Working Question? (Affiliate & seller)?
I was looking at maybe opening up , well actually letting the dollar store put there site on my web, but I get to put my own name on it, they would do any repairs on it , make sure all the items that are for sale on my site are loaded or marked out. But my question I guess is , why couldn’t I become an affiliate as well and sell my own product instead of just having the site, (I’m not sure if I’m wording all this stuff right , so please kinda just bare with me.LOL) is the site that I’m talking about, it advertises that you can open your own store. I have no experience in any of it, but with effort I think I could learn, but I wondering with someones experience if you could tell me what I’m kinda getting into, or maybe head me in the right direction? I was studying up on becoming an Affiliate this last summer so I do understand a little of it (Not much) Anyway If you can make sense of what I’m asking I sure could use someones advice on this. Thank you Kim

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Answer by indronil s
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Selling the seller on buying. Negotiation at its fundamental best. | Sales Training

Several months ago I got an email from Michael Andrew Wilson. He read my Little Red Book of Selling and Little Black Book of Connections, loved them, and wro…
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