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Income Tax Deduction as a Minor?

Question by Eriktion: Income Tax Deduction as a Minor?

Before reading:
I’m 17 and I’m giving you a scenario of assumptions and accusations, reply accordingly if you will, it will be much obliged.


Assume I live in Arizona, and assume I apply for a job at Kohl’s with no prior work experience (as it is not required.) Assume that they higher me and assume Arizona’s Minimum Wage is $ 6.90 and assume that starting salary in this business is MW + $ 0.40, which is $ 7.30. Okay, and assume I work 32 hours a week,

32 * $ 7.30 = $ 233.60

Note: Remember I’m 17, I’m not sure if there’s any bonus to being a minor in this area (tax returns, etc), if there is, do tell.

My question to you:
What would my income tax deduction be, and the finalized pay check would equal out to what?

Now assume I’m employed for 15 weeks. Around what amount money would I rake in (I know it depends but, given that information, what can you conclude?)

Best answer:

Answer by Jss
Read about tax filing requirement of a dependent: http://taxipay.blogspot.com/2008/02/filing-requirement-for-dependent.html

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