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Flat Fee MLS Listing Helps FSBO Sales

Flat Fee MLS Listing Helps FSBO Sales
In this article, we shall discuss the ways in which you can make use of a flat fee MLS listing if you want to do away with appointing an agent and instead, mark your property as For Sale by Owner. Before even obtaining a listing, it is very important that the homeowner prepare a good list of all the saleable features of a home; including those amenities and benefits that make it more attractive to potential buyers. If you have walk-in closets, make sure to mention this. Do you have marble flooring in the master bathroom, a fireplace, in-ground swimming pool, or full bar with taps in your game room? Don’t leave out these details because they’re the very items that will help your listing stand out amongst the crowd.

Now that you have created your feature/benefit list, you should be well prepared to begin creating your flat fee MLS listing. Make certain to highlight the fact that your home is specified as For Sale by Owner. This is because FSBO is a selling point to a strong niche audience in the real estate market. Once you’re properly listed, you can rest assured knowing that your home is listed on a broad reaching marketplace where it will attract the interest and attention of potential buyers and brokers.

A flat fee MLS listing is an excellent marketing venue for selling a home. This is because these listings are promoted in a vast number of official directories throughout a large region. They are the very resources that interested buyers tap into when searching for homes that my appeal to their needs. On the other hand, these listings are also available to buyers that are exclusively searching for homes listed as For Sale by Owner. They like the savings that exist when the middleman is avoided and prefer to work directly with the owner of a home. 

Spend some time posting up local signs, especially one in the front yard of the house that is for sale. This will help to further promote the property and don’t forget to state that the home is For Sale by Owner House. FSBO signs are readily available at popular hardware stores for a small price. Be certain that the sign is positioned in clear public view for maximum attention.

Next gather some of your best photos and make sure that they’re posted on your For Sale by Owner House MLS listing. These pictures are absolutely necessary and a lack of pictures will ultimately, drive away potential prospects. By utilizing promotion that includes a flat fee MLS listing you gain much of the benefits a real estate agency may offer, in terms of exposure, but avoid the added expense and commissions in the process.

Now it’s possible to sign up for your own, flat fee MLS listing in Canada by visiting This unique resource helps to promote your property through many leading real estate networks in this country. Visit today to learn more about how a flat fee MLS listing may help you; especially if you plan to list your home as For Sale by Owner.

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