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Competition among web hosts for web hosting in India

Competition among web hosts for web hosting in India



In India the whole concept of web hosting has arrived on the scene a little later than it did in foreign countries. Since it was a fairly unknown concept until a couple of years ago, its growth rate is highly exponential i.e. it is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. This means that more and more companies want a share of the possible revenue which is available in this market. An increase in the number of personal computers has led to an increase in internet usage, especially in the city. This in turn has led to a greater demand for web hosting services.

There are a large number of competitors present in the web hosting market. The potential clients are spoilt for choice. This has led to a cut throat scenario between the various companies. The companies are willing to go to any length in order to make them stand out from the crowd. Since there is such high competition in web hosting in India, even the slightest difference in price or services can make a big difference in the long run.

This has led to the creation of a rat race of sorts in web hosting in India. All sense of sense of ethics and morals are thrown out of the window while trying to obtain a larger number of clients.  Providing the standard package at normal rates is no longer good enough to be successful in this business. The companies have the cutting edge mentality and are willing to spend large amounts of money on the marketing and promotion of the goods and services of the company.

In the web hosting industry being second best is considered to be almost as good as losing by most companies. They offer discounted rates and a large variety of extra features while trying to achieve excellence in the field. Companies strive to come out with attractive advertising campaigns and ventures in order to enrapture the public audience.

Services like unlimited data space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts etc all go a long way in attracting potential clients. Companies who provide web hosting in India provide almost the same package with very small variations. Hence, it is the marketing and promotion which mainly helps the company to succeed on a large scale. The main aim of these companies is to provide quality services at subsidized rates.


Web hosting in India has been progressing at an astronomical rate in recent times. Due to its success web hosting in India has been able to establish itself on a global level.

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